Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
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United Kingdom voters want a referendum on final Brexit deal, YouGov poll finds

United Kingdom voters want a referendum on final Brexit deal, YouGov poll finds

A man holds an anti-Brexit banner on Westminster Bridge, in central London, Britain, July 13, 2018.

42 per cent of people said there should be a new referendum while 40 per cent said there should not, in a poll of 1,653 adults in the United Kingdom this week. The rest did not know.

Echoing that and noting May's commitment in March to come up with a so-called backstop wording for a withdrawal treaty to be concluded before Brexit in March, the BSG said: "The backstop remains specific to the unique circumstances of the island of Ireland and. can not establish the terms of the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom".

The referendum was supported by 58 percent of Labour voters, 67 percent of Liberal Democrat voters and 21 percent of Conservative voters surveyed by YouGov.

The statement came a day after chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier told visiting British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab that a key element of the plan involving Britain collecting customs duty for the EU must be changed and repeated scepticism about May's efforts to extend to the British mainland special customs arrangements which the EU is willing to offer Northern Ireland.

Smoking now banned in public housing
Some of the biggest problems people have with the ban is that it attempts to legislate what they can do in their own home. The ban also means a healthier working environment for the people who work in public housing complexes.

Even if May can strike a deal with the European Union, it is unclear whether she could get it approved by the British parliament.

Theresa May's personal approval ratings have similarly taken a substantial hit - 74% are now dissatisfied with her performance as prime minister, up 14 points, while the proportion satisfied is now at 24%, down 17 points.

The July survey showed that 30% of Britons satisfied with the leadership of Mei, and is 5% less than in June.

Meanwhile, a petition by The Independent news website calling for a second poll gained more than 250,000 signatories in just two days.

More people in Britain are now in favor than oppose holding a second vote on Brexit, for the first time since the referendum rocked the political landscape two years ago, according to a poll published today. "The treaties do not specify the length of the extension; they only say that if there is unanimity and the 27 members vote for it, there could be an extension".

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