Published: Sun, July 29, 2018
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Blood moon rises but clouds spoil party for many

Blood moon rises but clouds spoil party for many

The Nehru Planetarium has arranged as many as five telescopes and has organised lectures. The bright planets, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, in a line in the sky will appear as if in a Great Planetary Parade.

"It's the first time we've welcomed so many people - we were victims of our own success, but in a nice way", said Sabine André, president of the amateur astronomer's organisation of La Côte (Astrac). Unlike with a solar eclipse, viewers did not need protective eye gear to observe the rare display.

"So if you go outside and it's a clear night, you should be able to see roughly one shooting star a minute", said Mackay.

Met officials said last night's total lunar eclipse lasted for an unbelievable one hour and 43 minutes. At least part of the eclipse will be visible in all major land areas except North and Central America, with totality visible in the the Middle East, India, parts of central Asia and eastern and southern Africa. More than 2,000 people including many children armed with binoculars gathered in the Tunisian capital of Tunis.

Whereas, according to myths of the native Americans lunar eclipse occurred when the moon was wounded or ill.

Across Africa people turned to the sky, watching the reddish shadow slide up the moon's surface.


The moon will appear red in the night sky Friday night as it moves into Earth's shadow, perfectly aligned with Earth and the sun.

"There is no reason to believe that blood moons foretell doom", said Massey. "The colour change happens because Earth's atmosphere acts as both a lens and a scattering medium for the sun's light", Umair explained. If he succeeds in catching them then there is an eclipse - The red color of moon is because of Rahu swallowing moon, which reappears out of his severed neck.

The eclipse will not be visible to residents of the U.S. as by the time the moon rises at night in the United States, it will have already completed its journey through Earth's shadow, or Umbra.

From 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. Friday, Paris said that astronomers from the Center of Planetary Science will set up telescopes for the public next to Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach. Mars and Earth are closest to each other when Mars is at its nearest point from the Sun and Earth is goes far away from the sun - in their respective orbits. NASA, meanwhile, has called out social media hoaxers claiming that Mars will appear as big as the moon during the eclipse.

As it rises, during this total eclipse, Earth's natural satellite will turn a striking shade of red or ruddy brown.

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