Published: Thu, July 26, 2018
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Dominic Raab reassures United Kingdom there is 'adequate food supply' if No Deal

Dominic Raab reassures United Kingdom there is 'adequate food supply' if No Deal

Huw Evans, director general of the Association of British Insurers, said that opting for some form of equivalence posed a risk that Britain would end up becoming a "rule taker" - having to continue copying European Union rules in return for access after Brexit. McFarlane said the government now needed to act fast to negotiate "expanded equivalence" for Britain after critics said the regime exposed firms to sudden loss of European Union market access.

European Union looks set to reject United Kingdom government's plans for the City of London post-Brexit.

Mr Hammond added during a visit to the Bombardier aircraft factory in Belfast: 'Large businesses who are importing or exporting large volumes of products or produce will be making contingency plans, and we would encourage them to do so and work closely with them as they are putting those plans together'.

"We did have some difficulty in the last two years in that sometimes there are mixed messages coming out of London and I suppose anything that suggests there'll be a single position - and we have had that since the meeting in Chequers, I think - is beneficial", he said.

But he said the plan was a "road map" to the "sunlit uplands" of a final deal which respects the referendum result.

Unveiling the plans in a white paper in the House of Commons, Mr Raab described it as "another key milestone in the UK's path to leaving the EU".

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"You can't have one side fulfilling its side of the bargain and the other side not, or going slow, or failing to commit on its side", he told the Sunday Telegraph, implying that the threat of withholding payment might get Brexit talks back on track.

In Brussels, officials will discuss the future relationship, the Ireland-Northern Ireland situation and the remaining issues in the withdrawal agreement. "Now we're going to be wasting money on a whole department to prepare for the increasingly likely no-deal nightmare".

According to a report from the Financial Times, the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier, last Friday told European Union ministers that the financial services elements of May's Brexit plans could not be accepted as they threatened to rob the bloc's "decision-making autonomy" when it comes to finance.

Barclays' chairman John McFarlane has insisted that the banking industry will continue to thrive internationally once the United Kingdom is free of Brussels rule.

One of the key questions in the Brexit process is how much detail about the future relationship - including the crucial issue of financial services - will be pinned down before the United Kingdom leaves. This would allow for the new Bill to pass through Parliament in late 2018 and early 2019.

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