Published: Wed, July 25, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Pizzeria Employee Detained by ICE Finds No Reprieve After Nearly Two Months

Pizzeria Employee Detained by ICE Finds No Reprieve After Nearly Two Months

It is our position that the Federal government wholly failed to address or justify their cruel treatment of Mr. Villavicencio, a person with no criminal record, a USA citizen wife, and two young US citizen daughters.

"Well, the powerful are doing what they want, and the poor are suffering what they must, " the judge said after hearing Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Cordaro defend the government's actions.

This started yesterday with a press conference at City Hall, where Villavicencio's wife Sandra Chica and daughters pleaded for his return.

The deliveryman, who has no criminal history, received an open order of deportation in 2010 but did not leave the country.

Gregory Copeland, a lawyer representing Villavicencio from the Legal Aid Society of NY, called the judge's order "absolutely sensational". "Is he a flight risk?.Is justice being served, or are we just doing what we want to?"

Mr Villavicencio's wife and two children were present at Tuesday's hearing, but he remained at the New Jersey detention facility where he has been held since his arrest.

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"The rule of law, humanity and morality prevailed tonight with the Court's order releasing Pablo back to his family and community", Adriene Holder, attorney-in-charge of civil practice at The Legal Aid Society, which represented Villavicencio said. Chica and Villavicencio's younger daughter had a birthday coming up, Chica said. "We understand the pain", she said. "It's not easy to become a single mom in one day".

Villavicencio's two girls, ages 2 and 4, played with toys today as courtroom spectators around them observed the legal arguments. We hope this nightmare is finished tomorrow, and my daughters can be again with their father.

Crotty explained in his order that because USCIS was in the middle of processing Villavicencio's "petition for alien relative", deporting him would violate his rights under the Fifth Amendment and the Administrative Procedure Act.

Villaviciencio was delivering pizza at an Army base in Fort Hamilton on June 1 when guards did a check on him and found a decade-old deportation order against him.

He said Villavicencio's release is necessary because his imminent removal from the no longer reasonably forseeable. A background check showed that Villavicencio had been ordered to leave the United States in 2010 but stayed. Crotty's order allows Villavicencio to at least try to complete these initial steps, until any of those applications are denied.

Surrounded by supporters, Villavicencio walked out of the Hudson County Correctional Facility in New Jersey about 9 p.m. "We couldn't sleep for four or five hours, but I am very happy to be home again". In Spanish and in a cracking voice, he yelled, "I love you", and hugged them both.

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