Published: Tue, July 24, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Lethal blast at Kabul airport

Lethal blast at Kabul airport

Danish said that 14 people, including both civilians and military forces, were killed in the attack and 50 others wounded.

The local affiliate of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack, according to its Amaaq News Agency website. In his speech, he briefly mentioned the attack at the Kabul airport.

Abdul Rashid Dostum had left the country in 2017 amid allegations of sexual abuse and torture.

Most of the victims - the police, the motorcade of Vice President was not injured.

Being warmly welcomed by his supporters and government officials at Kabul worldwide airport, Dostum, who is also leader of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, in his speech called upon people to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for October 20.

He left for Turkey more than a year ago, accused of ordering his men to kidnap and rape a political rival, accusations he denies.

He said Saturday that the charges against Dostum would be dealt with through independent legal means.

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The programme was set up with the central aim of reducing child nutrition rates and increasing household incomes of poor farmers. Kagame, who has been president of Rwanda for last 18 years, has also become an important political actor in the content.

However, he believed the return of Dostum from exile after spending 14 months in Turkey would help improve security situation in the northern region of Afghanistan. The blast rocked the airport as people gathered to welcome home Afghan 1st Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Television footage showed Gen Dostum greeting supporters at his office not long after the explosion.

Dostum backed calls for peace talks with the Taliban terrorist group and thanked Afghanistan's global partners for their help while calling on Afghans to register for the elections.

"The case was plot against our leader". Ms Mohammadi agreed with equal certainty: "This is not a legal case". Dostum was unhurt in the attack.

Another protester, Massoud Khan, said: "We have been on the streets for 20 days now". He encouraged the Taliban in Jawzjan province to fight against Daesh in the north.

"The president has to explain to his people why he exiled Dostum in the first place", Jebran Larwand, an Afghan political analyst told DW. He will discuss a range of issues such as the Faryab protests, Mr Qaiseri's arrest and the mishandling of his guards.

"We will follow our leader's commands from here on", he said.

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