Published: Mon, July 23, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Young Cubs fan gets surprise from team after adult swipes his ball

Young Cubs fan gets surprise from team after adult swipes his ball

During the bottom of the fourth inning, Cubs first base coach Will Venable tossed a ball into the stands into his direction.

The internet's opinion on the man is probably already set in stone, and it's definitely fair to question him for turning and presenting the ball like it was a rare gem.

Another game tonight for the Cubs and Cardinals - how about a sweep?

Catching a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game is something many fans dream of but very few get to experience.

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The video of the incident went viral, and many Twitter users blasted the adults in the video, publicly shaming them for appearing to steal the kid's ball.

But Cubs' Puerto Rican star Baez make sure the youngster didn't miss out - and he signed one for him as well. The video showed an adult snatch it up, seemingly taking the ball away from the child. And after the man gave the ball to his wife, she took a picture of it before giving it to another child, per a Twitter user who said he sat next to him. As you can see below, the whole goal of the Cubbies was to provide this young kid with a tremendous souvenir.

A separate baseball and an autographed Javy Baez baseball is surely enough to put a smile on any young fan's face.

Kaplan says he spoke to the fan sitting next to the man who got the foul ball.

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