Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
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Elon Musk Calls Diver Involved in Thai Rescue Efforts a ‘Pedo Guy’

Elon Musk Calls Diver Involved in Thai Rescue Efforts a ‘Pedo Guy’

Mr Musk also released details of an email exchange with one of the other British divers involved in the rescue operation, Richard Stanton, in which the diver told Mr Musk that if the rain held out his submarine "may well be used".

Musk created a "kid-size submarine" and went to Thailand to assist in the rescue, but authorities ended up not needing his device.

Unsworth was instrumental in the rescue of the boy's soccer team, but lambasted Musk's submarine plan in an interview published by CNN Friday.

He "can stick his submarine where it hurts", said Vern Unsworth, adding that in his opinion the submarine wouldn't have made it 50 metres into the cave and it was "just a PR stunt". He elaborated that Musk "had no conception of what the cave passage was like. It wouldn't have made the first fifty meters into the cave".

He added that Mr Musk was asked to leave "very quickly" when he arrived.

Elon Musk called a hero British cave diver who criticized him a "pedo guy".

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'You know what, don't bother showing the video.

"It just had absolutely no chance of working", he continued. "Thai navy seals escorted us in - total opposite of wanting us to leave", Musk wrote.

Responding to the criticism, Musk tweeted a defence of his innovation while also hurling serious accusations at Unsworth.

However, Musk didn't offer any evidence to support his claim against Unsworth, a resident of Thailand's Chiang Rai province who has spent six years exploring the Tham Luang caves, according to CNN. He wrote: "We will make [a video] of the mini-sub/pod going all the way to Cave 5 no problemo". Musk called the fact that Unsworth retired to Thailand "sus", or suspicious, before ending with, "Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it".

"Just returned from Cave 3". He confirmed that he did, indeed, mean to call a diver who saved the 12 boys a pedophile and tweeted, "bet ya a signed dollar it's true". The team built a mini submarine dubbed "Wild Boar" (after the name of the team), which they believed could transport the boys to safety.

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