Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

China explosion kills 19

China explosion kills 19

An explosion at a chemical plant in southwest China left 19 dead and injured another 12, authorities said Friday, the latest industrial accident in a country where lax regulations often lead to tragedy.

In a statement quoted by Reuters, the authorities in Jiang'an county said the blast happened at a chemical plant run by Yibin Hengda Technology.

Fire crews sent to the scene put out the fire later on Thursday and local firefighters told The Beijing News that the blast had been caused by exploding methanol but did not provide further details. The fire has been put out on Friday morning.

China has been kicked off measures to improve industrial safety, ramping up checks over the a year ago, following some high-profile incidents at coal mines and chemical plants.

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Video footage and photos posted online show red flames and plumes of black smoke. The fire broke out in the early evening while there was still daylight, and it was under control by around 11:30 p.m. according to reports. Pictures of the incident show the three-storey buildings of the site burnt to their steel frames.

Windows of nearby buildings were shattered by the explosion at the factory, which is surrounded by a sand and gravel plant.

The company makes chemicals for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

An explosion at a chemical plant in China kills 19 people. China is known to have reoccurring chemical plant explosions.

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