Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Apologised to Theresa May over fake interview

Apologised to Theresa May over fake interview

The US president left Mrs May badly wounded when he criticised her negotiating style, lavished praise on Boris Johnson days after he walked out of Cabinet and warned her Brexit plan could "kill" any UK-US trade deal.

According to The Sun, Trump said May not only ignored the advice he gave her on Brexit, but has gone "the opposite way", leading to "very unfortunate results".

Commenting on what he told The Sun about May rejecting his suggestions on how to handle Brexit, Trump said May probably "found it too brutal". During the interview, Trump also praised former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan, London's first-ever Muslim mayor, one of the most prominent Muslim politicians in Europe.

"Mr. President, Sir Winston Churchill once said that "to have the United States at our side was, to me, the greatest joy", May told Trump, according to a text of her speech.

During his 28 hours there, Trump disparaged longtime North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, cast doubt on his commitment to the mutual-defense organization and sent the 29-member pact into a frenzied emergency session.

"Whatever you're going to do is OK with us just make sure we can trade together-that's all that matters".

Trump said if May went ahead with the "soft Brexit" plan outlined last Friday - that led to the resignations of Johnson and Brexit secretary David Davis - it will "kill" any prospect of a US-UK trade deal.

"We have this stupidity going on, pure stupidity, but it makes it very hard to do something with Russia because, anything you do, it's like: "Russia, oh he loves Russia", Trump said at the press conference before news of the indictment.

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Trump also told the Sun that he was not spending much time in London because he did not feel "welcome", due to mass demonstrations.

In retrospect, British Prime Minister Theresa May might wonder whether this was really the best week for a visit from Donald Trump.

In response, Khan said it was "interesting" that Trump was "not criticising the mayors of other cities" which had also experienced terror attacks.

It was accompanied by a photograph showing Donald and Melania Trump and Mrs May and her husband Philip at Blenheim Palace on Thursday evening.

"Special relationship" is a term long used in Britain and the U.S. to describe the close coordination of their foreign policies and overall strong ties between the two countries.

Trump is not the first American President to get in hot water over comments about Brexit. His standing in Trump's orbit was damaged by the publication of a book about the Trump White House by the author Michael Wolff but he has since positioned himself again as a leading voice on the United States far right. A White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said later that "The President likes and respects Prime Minister May very much".

The streets of London were packed with protesters Friday as up to 100,000 Brits were expected to publicly express their unhappiness with Donald Trump.

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