Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

HTC to release blockchain phone 'Exodus' in third quarter of calendar 2018

If HTC launches the phone as promised, it would jump ahead of their competitor, the Swiss startup Sirin Labs, which is also working on a similar gadget. With the aim of expanding the blockchain ecosystem, HTC has designed the world's first phone focused on decentralized applications and security.

The company said it will release further details and specs of the Exodus phone "in the coming months", which is amazingly imprecise for a phone that's scheduled to launch in said coming months. With Exodus, HTC aims to be the leading blockchain asset market.

A blockchain phone would mean that your data is private from the moment you start using it.

HTC, however, did announce a new partnership with CryptoKitties. A launch date for the end of 2018 has been confirmed by the company, which might be a technique to steer the conversation away from the phone while the company works on perfecting the phone.

It's not the first time we hear about HTC's upcoming blockchain smartphone, also known as Exodus, and not to be confused with the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet.

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The smartphone is expected to get nearly flagship stuffing, but details about it were not disclosed. Today Chen updated that HTC Exodus, the company's foremost blockchain phone may land in the market by the end of third quarter this year.

Apart from supporting cryptocurrencies, the company announced that it would introduce blockchain game CryptoKitties as an exclusive feature for its U12+ smartphone through a partnership with Animoca Brands Corp, a mobile game distributor and publisher. The game, which is built on blockchain technology, will allow you to collect, breed, and even sell one-of-a-kind creatures called CryptoKitties - in short, it's an experiment with blockchain gaming, and it could pull in some of the folks who are interested in blockchain but aren't insane about cryptocurrency.

On the HTC website, the phone manufacturer indicated that the CryptoKitties mobile app will be offered to users in the United States.

Meanwhile, industry experts are sharply divided over whether Exodus can really pull off a miracle for HTC.

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