Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Mitch McConnell mocks article about Brett Kavanaugh’s finances on Senate floor

Mitch McConnell mocks article about Brett Kavanaugh’s finances on Senate floor

Pro-choice and LGBT advocates assembled Thursday in front of the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee to urge that Brett Kavanaugh be rejected as a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. The financial disclosure forms do not required that Kavanaugh disclose the source or nature of his payments, but as a federal appellate judge, Kavanaugh earns about $220,000 a year, and he made $27,000 teaching at Harvard Law School in 2017, according to the disclosures.

Former Clerk for Judge Kavanaugh Hagan Scotten and former Clerk for Justice Scalia Ed Whelan on how much pushback Judge Kavanaugh will receive from Democrats.

Regarding Kavanaugh being poorer than the others, many of whom had considerable earnings during years of non-government legal work, Shah said, "He's devoted his life to public service".

The value of residences is not subject to disclosure, and Shah added that Kavanaugh has a government retirement account worth almost half a million dollars that also was not required to be disclosed. His financial disclosures reveal that his assets are worth between $15,000 to $65,000, placing him at the lowest amongst Supreme Court Justices in terms of net worth - or about 10 times less than Justice Clarence Thomas, who now holds the title.

If confirmed, his relatively modest means would rank Kavanaugh in the lower tier in personal finances among members of court. Gattone worries Kavanaugh will be too far to the right.

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The White House has tried to portray President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, as a down-to-earth guy who engages in wholesome activities like watching sports and mentoring kids when he isn't ruling against women's reproductive rights or explaining why the president is above the law.

When Wisconsin voters elected President Trump, they knew he'd choose judges who would uphold the Constitution. Sen.

Baldwin voted against President Donald Trump's first Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, who was confirmed to the bench previous year.

Kavanaugh met with key Republican senators on Capitol Hill on Wednesday as Democrats escalated efforts to block his confirmation.

"One of the Senate's highest constitutional responsibilities is to provide advice and consent on nominations to the Supreme Court, and I look forward to the Senate fulfilling this critical duty through a fair and thorough confirmation process".

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