Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Inbox By Gmail Finally Updated With iPhone X Support

Inbox By Gmail Finally Updated With iPhone X Support

The list also showed that most of the top apps are from Apple's rivals, including Microsoft and Google.

Shigeru Miyamoto, representative director and fellow, Nintendo: "We are very happy that we are able to deliver Super Mario Run, a new Super Mario experience that could be played with just one hand on iPhone, to hundreds of millions of consumers because of the App Store". The download store first opened its digital doors on July 10, 2008, with a mere 500 titles on its virtual shelves.

The App Store brought gaming mainstream, thanks to the easy Multi-Touch technology on iPhone and iPad and the convenience of playing on the go.

The cutting-edge hardware and quickly evolving software from Apple, combined with creative ideas from developers who saw the potential of iPhone being in customers' pockets, spawned new industries that would forever change how people live, work and play - a revolution that continues today. Since the day it was launched, the App Store has made huge impressions in terms of design and the utilities it provides.

Nearly 90 percent of all the smartphone users in the world use Android with one of the most downloaded apps.

Before the App Store came around, mobile gaming was stuck in its nascency for what seemed like forever.

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With the growing smartphone user base, the number of app downloads has seen a steep rise as well. More than 500 doctors have also used the company's suite of wellness tools for clinical studies. Apple says that as of June, it has paid out over $100 billion to app developers from App Store sales. Without it, AssistiveWare would likely still be a one-man Mac developer.

In 2011, the App Store started supporting subscription apps, and by 2016, had expanded support to all 25 of its categories, including games, kids and health and fitness.

Protecting user privacy is paramount in the Apple ecosystem, so from the beginning, Apple has taken great care in providing clear guidelines to developers and thoughtfully curating a safe, trusted app marketplace to ensure the best experience possible for customers around the world to discover and access apps. In other words, ten years later, the imitators are still trailing Apple.

Apple's digital distribution platform will celebrate 10 years on, fittingly, July 10. Apple said today that its Today tab stories, which variously highlight new apps, go behind the scenes in development, and round up topical downloads, have been read by more than a million people.

Apart from games, the non-game apps are are of the biggest revenue gainers.

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