Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Do you approve of Trump's Supreme Court pick?

Do you approve of Trump's Supreme Court pick?

The anxiety over defections speaks to the narrowness of the Republican's majority in the Senate. John McCain, R-Ariz., at home getting treatment for brain cancer.

Join fellow Care2 activists calling for robust, thoughtful confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. Plus, Flake's predecessor in the Senate, Jon Kyl, will be guiding Kavanaugh through the confirmation process. The three are running for re-election in states where Trump polls highly.

Like Kennedy, Kavanaugh is a Catholic. He said it was clear that many Democrats "didn't care who the nominee was at all".

However, given his past experience, and the role of the Federalist Society in vetting the nominees on the short list, I would be surprised to see Judge Kavanaugh's positions change dramatically if he is confirmed.

In selecting Kavanaugh, Trump "has put women's reproductive rights and vital health care protections... at grave, grave risk", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday. But in that case, no state law had made abortion illegal. "I do not apply an ideological test to their personal views". He says he'll use everything he's got to block Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Ironically, those Senate gains would make it easier to confirm a very conservative Trump nominee after the midterms.

But: Manchin released a statement strongly suggesting that Kavanaugh's opinions on preserving parts of Obamacare will be a deciding factor for the senator.

The group went on to explain why it sees Kavanaugh as "especially dangerous" in a series of tweets.

"For the past seven years, I have coached my daughter's basketball teams", Kavanaugh said. President Trump has said from the beginning that he wants to appoint a judge to the Supreme Court who is, in his words, pro-life. Trump ended up picking a former clerk of Kennedy's.

Trump's opposition fears Kavanaugh's nomination is self-serving because he is unlikely to favor criminal prosecution against Trump for alleged collusion with Russian Federation. She's with me now.

Trump hails Boris Johnson as ‘a friend’
Mr Wilson praised the American President for his firmness with European companies and EU leaders on matters of trade and security. But she said: "We do not agree about the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honour the result of the referendum".

Other editorial boards at top state papers praised Kavanaugh as well, including West Virginia's The Intelligencer and Nevada's Las Vegas Review Journal.

But: Donnelly has also demonstrated a willingness to vote against Trump on big votes, like the tax bill.

According to CNN's exit polling taken after the 2017 special election, more than half of Alabama voters in that special election (52%) said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, left, stands with Sen. He was a key vote in several highly contested issues including abortion, affirmative action, gay rights, guns, campaign finance and voting rights. Leahy and other Democrats held a press conference Tuesday morning on the steps of the Supreme Court to decry Trump's choice.

Primus said it's unlikely the Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage would be overturned, but speculated that Roe v. Wade is "somewhere between in danger and definitely gone".

Like many judges, he's often dodged on Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case affirming the right to privacy and access to abortion.

In 2016, Kavanaugh ruled in favor of a division of Verizon, which had ordered employees to stop displaying pro-union signs. That's something that Paul, who has a strong libertarian streak, has been vocal about opposing.

Warren said Monday after the president's announcement that it meant Trump is hearing the "hoof-beats" of an impending investigation, and Booker insisted that Kavanaugh's confirmation could not proceed.

Presidents of both major parties have been choosing nominees of similar professional and educational experience for decades because the stakes have risen so high in filling Supreme Court vacancies.

"Her example told me the importance of equality for all Americans". On Monday, she sounded skeptical of Kavanaugh: "He clearly is qualified for the job, but there are other issues involving judicial temperament and his judicial philosophy that also will play into my decision".

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