Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Cornwall woman takes auto for accidental, two-week joyride

Cornwall woman takes auto for accidental, two-week joyride

The woman rented a black Nissan Sentra in late June, according to police in Cornwall, a city of some 47,000 people in eastern Ontario. Upon exiting the store, she climbed in a black Nissan - the vehicle was open and the key's were in the ignition - and drove home.

Shortly afterwards, Cornwall police received a call from a man who left Walmart only to find his vehicle, a black Infiniti, missing from the parking lot.

Maybe the golf clubs in the trunk should have tipped her off, but an Ontario woman didn't realize she was driving a auto she'd accidentally stolen for two weeks. Meanwhile, for the next two weeks, the woman drove around in the vehicle oblivious to her mistake, though she did find it odd the "rental car" was rather dirty and had a set of golf clubs in the trunk. After convincing her that the vehicle was not the one she had taken from the lot, they worked to trace her steps over the past two weeks.

After renting the vehicle, MacKay said the woman drove three or four minutes to the local Walmart where she did some grocery shopping.

"You should never leave your key fob or keys in your vehicle - and always keep in mind to lock your auto doors before walking away from your auto".

In the end - It was the manager at the Enterprise who was able to crack the case. That's when the manager connected the dots and realized the auto she had returned belonged to an older gentleman who, 2 weeks earlier, had come in to rent a vehicle after his had been stolen - you guessed it - from the Walmart parking lot.

"We investigate stolen vehicles but this is definitely a unique situation for us", said Stephanie MacRae, communications coordinator with Cornwall Police.

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Upon returning the auto the woman explained her frustrations with the vehicle rental agency.

At first, he tried to tell her that the company didn't even rent that model - but she was having none of it. She also said there were papers in the glove compartment and a dirty ashtray, but it still wasn't enough to tip her off.

There were no official charges so this story has a happy ending. The rental auto manager examined the woman's keys and noted that, in fact, she had rented a Nissan Sentra, while the keys in her possession belonged to a Nissan Infiniti.

The manager brought the woman back to Walmart where the Nissan was still parked.

The manager and the woman, who police say was a "wee bit embarrassed" by this point, contacted police.

Since the Infiniti owner had reported his auto stolen, the police were able to track him down and return the vehicle.

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