Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Trump hails Boris Johnson as ‘a friend’

Trump hails Boris Johnson as ‘a friend’

May's personal authority was badly damaged after she called a snap election previous year to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks but instead she lost her parliamentary majority meaning she has to rely on a small Northern Irish party to govern.

Meanwhile, some Conservative Party Eurosceptics have hit back at Mrs May by tabling amendments to a key Brexit Bill that could kill off her Chequers plan.

Brexit supporters are also anxious the plan will limit British ability to forge trade deals with countries like the United States, and amounts to a "Brexit in name only". But within 48 hours Davis had quit and Johnson followed.

Johnson had been due to host a summit about the western Balkans on Monday afternoon but was instead holed up in his official residence with close advisers, considering his position.

As I said then, the government now has a song to sing.

"The trouble is that I have practiced the words over the weekend and find that they stick in the throat". He told May he believed the outcome would be the worst of all worlds for Britain.

Brexit negotiations with Brussels are also expected to resume next Monday.

May named one of her most loyal ministers, Jeremy Hunt, to replace Johnson in the job of Britain's top diplomat.

In her equally pointed reply, the prime minister said: "If you are not able to provide the support we need to secure this deal, in the interests of the United Kingdom, it is right that you should step down".

Davis himself expressed regret that Johnson had quit, and said it would be "wrong" for his departure to trigger a major rebellion.

He was widely reported to have told the Chequers meeting on Friday that putting a positive gloss on Mrs May's Brexit package would be like "polishing a turd", though he later joined other ministers in signing up to the package.

Brit exposed to deadly nerve agent regains consciousness
The father and daughter have recovered since their March 4 poisoning. A tweet by police said, "the public should not be alarmed by this".

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen is the first Tory reported to have submitted a letter declaring no confidence in Theresa May.

But she said: "We do not agree about the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honour the result of the referendum". She looks set on facing down hardline Brexit supporters in her Conservative Party who are livid over her plans to negotiate a "free trade area for goods" with the EU.

However the plans released on Friday were only a curtain-raiser ahead of tomorrow's White Paper and most European Union capitals say it largely amounts to cherry-picking elements of the Single Market.

Mr Wilson praised the American President for his firmness with European companies and EU leaders on matters of trade and security.

Theresa May thinks the opening offer to Brussels she agreed is "strong and ambitious", but it was so repellent to David Davis, Boris Johnson, Steve Baker, Conor Burns and Chris Green that they all had to leave her government over it.

Picture: AAPJeremy Hunt was appointed foreign secretary following Johnson's resignation.

"This confrontation between Brexiters and reality was long overdue", it said, adding that May "should have faced down the hardliners before negotiations formally began".

Merkel, a key voice in Brussels, said the other 27 European Union members would give a joint response, "but it's good that the proposals are on the table - that much I can say already, without going into details". That is overwhelmingly what people want to see and that is what we are going to do.

That is the same tactic Labour MPs used to force the government to publish the Brexit impact papers.

Brexit hardliners welcomed his move, with Conservative MP Peter Bone saying: "The PM's proposals for a Brexit in name only are not acceptable".

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