Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Last remaining kid, coach evacuated from Thai cave

Last remaining kid, coach evacuated from Thai cave

All eight boys rescued on the first two days are being treated in an isolation ward in a Chiang Rai hospital.

Despite his criticisms, Musk congratulated the team who completed the mission, which successfully rescued all 12 boys and their coach from the cave over several attempts which took place between last Sunday morning and Tuesday afternoon.

As a youth soccer team is gradually evacuated from a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand, Hollywood producers are already eyeing a new box office smash.

"We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what". The cave where the group went missing stretches nearly ten kilometers, it has several entrances and exits, as well as large chambers, where the group members found shelter from the rising waters caused by a rainy season downpour.

A Thai Navy SEAL force announced that the remaining four boys and the coach were rescued on Tuesday.

"They must have passed through about 150 hands", one of the divers said at a briefing in Chiang Rai in northern Thailand today. "I felt like he was one of my own children and I wanted him to come home". They were, of course, granted it.

The rescue process started at 10am local time on Sunday and involved 13 global divers and five Thai navy seals, who were referred to as "an all-star team" by NarongsakOsatanakorn, who is the Governor of Chiang Rai province and head of the joint command centre coordinating the rescue.

"Nobody thought we could do it".

German footballer Lukas-Podolski said the Wild Boars were his 2018 world champions. "It was Mission Possible for Team Thailand".

The third group, comprising five people aged 11-25, who arrived at the hospital on Tuesday did not have low body temperatures.

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"This mission was successful because we had power. Everybody sent it to the 13".

Rescue workers and divers are using the break to rest and prepare for the next phase of the grueling operation, which Osotthanakorn said involves some of the hardest diving in the world.

The eight rescued boys are healthy are in 'high spirits.' They are under constant medical supervision to eliminate any risk of infection.

Musk has expressed his desire to help with rescue efforts on social media, and orchestrated the creation of what he called a "kid-size submarine".

Dozens of military personnel and civilians began abandoning the cave, leaving behind hundreds of air tanks.

President Donald Trump joined those paying tribute to the rescuers.

"All 12 "Wild Boars" and coach have been extracted from the cave", the SEALs said in a Facebook post, referring to the boys by the name of their football team. "Such a lovely moment - all freed, great job!"

Deep inside the cave system, Dr Harris administered a mild sedative to the boys, ensuring they remained calm during the gruelling 1.7km swim to the surface.

The 12 boys and their soccer coach lost an average of 2kg (4 pounds) but were generally in good condition and showed no signs of stress, a senior health official said on Wednesday.

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