Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump's strained visit with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, meeting with Putin

Trump's strained visit with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, meeting with Putin

Trump spoke after European Council President Donald Tusk addressed him in a statement, saying: "Appreciate your allies. But he seems to have a thing for authoritarian rulers", said Goldgeier, who expects Trump to come out of his meeting with Putin touting a great relationship (as he did with Kim - although the North Korean leader's weekend meeting with Secretary of Sate Mike Pompeo yielded disastrous optics). "But above all, when you meet President Putin in Helsinki" on July 16, Tusk said. In the unimaginable event that such support would be forthcoming, Trump would bring down America's whole economic, social, and national security house of cards.

This disdain for USA allies is essentially the beating heart of much of Trump's foreign policy, it seems.

"Getting ready to leave for Europe".

Trump has slapped tariffs on billions of dollars worth of steel and aluminum imports from China, the European Union, Canada and others, prompting retaliation against USA products.

"If we all speak with the same voice and say you can come into the community of nations, you can be a major player for good - but not when you're violating your commitments, violating treaties, going into a sovereign nation and trying to kill a citizen as happened in United Kingdom.,' she said, referencing the Novichok attack in Britain". And, frankly, it helps them a lot more than it helps us. After all, NATO's main mission is to protect member states against outside threats, and right now one of those biggest threats is Putin's Russian Federation. But Trump's claim that the USA pays 90 per cent of NATO's total defense spending isn't corroborated by available data.

President Trump is confident that he is in the catbird seat as he heads overseas Tuesday for a series of potentially pivotal talks with European leaders, all of whom want to get something from him. A competitor. I think that getting along with Russian Federation, getting along with China, getting along with others, is a good thing, not a bad thing, ' Trump said.

In an earlier Twitter posting, the president singled out Germany for contributing just 1 per cent, which he said is one-fourth of what the spending.

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European Union and U.S. government data put the USA trade deficit with the European Union at around $100 billion, including services such as finance, where the United States has a surplus. And I think you can have no doubt, Mr President, that this is an investment in common American and European defence and security.

When asked if the PM agrees with the U.S. president's view that the United Kingdom is in "turmoil", Mrs May's official spokesman said she hopes Mr Trump will have a positive view of Britain following his visit.

Labour MP Madeleine Moon, a champion of the anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain, said Mr Trump's comments were "a wake up call and a look into the future we face if Brexit goes ahead".

In other words, Merkel can't afford to have Trump toss any more Starburst sweets at her without losing credibility with her domestic base.

The hint of US withdrawal from Europe, while unlikely, indeed seems to have made many countries hike their defense spending.

During his first meeting at the group's headquarters in Brussels a year ago, Trump suggested that members who haven't been paying their fair share should be required to pay back dues.

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