Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Jamie Vardy sends Gareth Southgate update ahead of World Cup semi-final

Jamie Vardy sends Gareth Southgate update ahead of World Cup semi-final

"One hundred per cent I think you can see that in the way that we play, everybody the whole 23, willing to put everything aside, whatever their personal interests might be, purely for the team to be successful", he said.

Croatia have gone through two extra times and two penalty shootouts - they must be shot, physically and mentally.

Croatia may be blessed with the talents of Luka Modric - arguably the finest midfielder in the world - and Ivan Rakitic, but is there any reason for England to be genuinely fearful?

May the best team win.

Southgate spent time in the United States at the start of the year, watching the Super Bowl but also National Basketball Association games in a bid to discover how teams got themselves into space near the basket via choreographed moves and plays.

England is the dominant nation in the United Kingdom, with more resources, more players, and more success at sporting level than its smaller neighbours.

Meanwhile Dalic said he sees no areas to exploit in the England team. "It really is. That's the only word I can describe it because we're all a family".

Gareth Southgate might tweak some things tactically, but I don't think that will prove to be that important in deciding the outcome.

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"I think Belgium have a great chance of beating them".

"If we get to the final or if we don't get to the final then we're one day short, you know it has been an absolute pleasure of an experience to share not just with the players but the staff, even the media staff and you guys as well". It's a balanced way of looking at it and that's clearly transmitted itself into the squad.

Enjoy this moment, let the lads go out there and play without pressure.

"I thought it was insane". It's been 28 years since we were last here, if you can't get carried away now, when can you?

I can not call the first semi-final.

Another side-effect was the necessity for wing backs, and who better than the energetic Young and Trippier? Raphael Varane needs to step up, Vincent Kompany needs to step up because the team whose defence nullifies the other's attack will find themselves in the final.

You don't need to play like Brazil or other teams who have a different football heritage and approach to the game.

Considering the fact that he can immortalise himself in the next six days, depending on results, we want you to cast your mind back to the first time that Southgate took charge of an England match.

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