Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK Brexit secretary David Davis resigns, Press Association reports

UK Brexit secretary David Davis resigns, Press Association reports

UK Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned, along with two other Brexit ministers.

Davis says there have been many occasions when he disagreed with her office's approach to Brexit, revealing explicitly for the first time that the biggest Brexit decisions have been taken by her and her main adviser, Olly Robbins, not by him as the ostensibly relevant minister.

Davis' resignation was also accompanied by the resignation of his deputy, Brexit minister Steve Baker, and another Brexit minister Suella Braverman has also reportedly resigned.

While May's plan for exiting the European Union has not been fully revealed to all members of her party - let alone to Parliament, the business community or the public - the brief outline that was released shows she supports a middle way of compromise with Brussels, keeping Britain closely aligned with Europe on standards, "a common rule book for industrial goods and agricultural products".

Their complaints raise a question mark over whether May can win backing in parliament for her plans if any deal with the European Union is agreed later this year, and some suggest several of them could try to trigger a leadership contest against her.

With nine months before Britain leaves and just over three before the European Union says it wants a deal, May has been under intense pressure from the bloc and from many businesses to show her negotiating position.

Leading pro-Brexit Cabinet ministers, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis, met in private on the eve of Friday's meeting, sparking rumors some could quit rather than agree to May's proposal.

The staunchly pro-Brexit Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns tweeted: "Fantastic news".

The British political press said more resignations might follow.

5 important takeaways from the June jobs report
From Table B-3, average hourly earnings were +2.7% year over year in June economy-wide, while average weekly earnings were +3.0%. Some companies will likely respond to the tariffs by putting their hiring plans on hold until the trade picture becomes clearer.

The government believes that plan would allow Britain to maintain frictionless trade with the EU in goods, avoid customs checks on the sensitive Irish border, and end both free movement of people and jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Britain.

The Chequers proposals "lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds "black hole" Brexit where the United Kingdom is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU's legal and regulatory tarpit", the briefing by Martin Howe QC concluded. A very soft Brexit means that we haven't left, we are simply a rule-taker.

"That is not something that this country voted for; it's not what the Prime Minister promised..."

Davis's resignation could embolden Brexit-supporting Conservative parliamentarians to challenge May's leadership.

"As I said yesterday, it's very much "game on" for that now".

She says Davis "decided he couldn't sell out his own country" and was upset that the prime minister discussed the policy with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, before talking to her ministers.

Well I am told that a new Brexit Secretary will be announced on Monday (even though a few weeks ago there were rumours that if Davis quit, his post would be abolished - and that his functions and those of his department would be assumed by the Cabinet Office and by the PM herself).

Veteran Tory Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash told Sky that discussions were now being held as to whether Mrs May's plans amounted to a "proper Brexit".

To add to May's woes, Keir Starmer, Brexit spokesman for the main opposition Labor Party said they would vote against the type of Brexit deal being pursued by May.

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