Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

England fans celebrate World Cub win over Sweden at IKEA

England fans celebrate World Cub win over Sweden at IKEA

England were on Sunday looking forward to their first World Cup semi-final since 1990 as host nation Russian Federation came to terms with the end of their extraordinary run following defeat on penalties to Croatia.

England achieved something David Beckham's generation never managed: It reached the semifinals of the World Cup.

Despite taking England to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990, figures were down from the record audience numbers recorded for England's match against Colombia on Tuesday 3 July which clocked a one-minute peak of 24.4m on ITV. "We looked like we controlled the game".

The emergency services hit out at the "disgraceful" minority of England fans who marked their team's passage to the World Cup semi-finals with disorder.

Croatia, who last reached the semis in 1998, now face the challenge of trying to recover in time to play England in Moscow.

Putin invites Russian team to Kremlin after historic World Cup performance
There was not a single national team in the World Cup that had the complete trust of their country. "Thank you, Russia . Moscow's Nikolskaya Street was full of people chanting, dancing, and hugging into the morning. "It was a great match".

Joe Hart was at fault for the winning goal when tiny Iceland beat England 2-1 in the round of 16 at Euro 2016. In 2014, the team didn't even make it out of the group stage.

"I'm not surprised at all", said 23-year-old Baker about his former MK Dons team-mate. "I had my doubts about him, I've got to say that, just because he hadn't had a lot of experience in management but he's proven that you can do it the quiet way, he's made the players believe that anything is possible".

It was their first knockout victory in a World Cup for 12 years, and only their seventh in any major tournament since back in 1996.

Of course, there were some fans who took things a bit too far.

While watching this titanic struggle between two European footballing superpowers you may also have thought to yourself: "Praise the heavens, I'm finally able to enjoy a piece of entertainment which isn't infected by that accursed Fortnite video game that every fool and their auntie is chattering on about".

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