Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
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US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits - Newswatch

US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits - Newswatch

As the Associated Press reported July 5, the U.S. Army has been discharging soldiers who are not U.S. citizens.

The Pentagon declined to comment because of a pending lawsuit.

"Each recruit undergoes an individualized suitability review and the length of time for the review is dependent upon each individual's unique background", Smith said. Many were recruited to fill posts requiring medical expertise, including Army Reserve dentists, or specific language skills, including Russian and Mandarin Chinese, according to The Washington Post.

Last year, the Department of Defense suspended the program and announced new changes for current foreign recruits which included increased background checks.

"There is no new policy", Gleason added. To be eligible for military service, immigrants need some sort of legal status, like a student visa. The AP reported that basic training has been delayed for discharged immigrant soldiers, which means they can't become naturalized citizens. As of April this year, about 1,100 of those MAVNI recruits were still in the Army's delayed entry program, a process where individuals sign an enlistment agreement but are not yet service members.

Lawyers for the recruits say at least 30 have been discharged in recent weeks and thousands more are stuck in limbo - now enlisted but unable to serve - and may also be forced out. He says that, as part of his citizenship application, the military has already verified that he has been serving honorably. Multiple discharged recruits who spoke to the AP did so anonymously, for fear of what will happen to them if they are deported and people find out they served in the USA military.

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Some were not given a reason for the sudden discharge, while others were told their family members overseas makes them a security risk, or the Defense Department was not able to complete the required background checks, the AP reports. "I was devastated, because I love the US and was so honored to be able to serve this great country".

"In exchange for putting their lives on the line for our freedom, immigrants-legal immigrants that we have welcomed into our country have always been able to earn their citizenship". In 2016, he enlisted in the United States army.

According to Air Force Maj.

Many service members recruited through the program have proven to be exemplary. Immigrant recruits are generally more cost-effective, while outperforming their colleagues in a wide array of areas, including attrition, education and promotions, according to a recently released review by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research institution. She said she drilled each month with her reserve unit, which gave her an award, and had been awaiting a date to start basic training. "I'm a good scientist no matter what". "I got into debt when I joined the Army because I can't work legally but, financially, I can't survive anymore".

In recent years, a group of attorneys have been fighting to keep their recruited immigrant clients eligible for naturalization as delays have mounted.

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