Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Twelve arrested in riots over police killing of French youth - global

Twelve arrested in riots over police killing of French youth - global

Mr Philippe confirmed that 11 protesters had been taken into police custody on charges of violence and arson, before stressing that there would be a "transparent investigation" into the driver's death.

French riot police officers patrol in Nantes. They fall into a category of problem neighborhoods that are to receive extra police help from next September under reforms by President Emmanuel Macron.

Noted that last night a group of radical people with "Molotov cocktails" burned about 50 cars, damaged five buildings including the police station of Saint-Herblay, and plundered ten companies.

A silent march has been planned for Thursday evening in Nantes over his death.

Police sources said he drove into one of the officers, prompting his partner to open fire -but a witness said the vehicle was halted when the driver was hit in the neck by a single bullet. They said he had given police a false identity when stopped in Nantes. "It lasted ages", he said.

The policeman who fired the fatal shot has been detained for questioning, French media quoted the city's prosecutor as saying.

Former Sacramento King Tyler Honeycutt found dead after standoff with LAPD
Although officers could not communicate with the man after the shooting, they believe the man is still alive, the report said. Earlier, Khimki Moscow head coach Giorgos Bartzokas expressed his sentiments over Honeycutt's death.

Some local residents have angrily contested the police account of the killing.

However, a number of witnesses contested police claims, saying the auto was stationary when police fired and that no officer was injured. "There was only the one gunshot".

Nationally, French police have complained of coming under increasing strain in recent years, with a parliamentary report released on Tuesday detailing high suicide rates within the force.

The 2005 Paris riots spread from Clichy-sous-Bois to the rest of Paris and eventually across the country with thousands of cars being set on fire over a 20-day period.

The riot-hit districts of Nantes - Bellevue, Dervallieres, Malakoff and Breil - all have a history of gang violence.

Injuries suffered by a young black man during his arrest by police last February - which saw him suffer severe anal injuries caused by a truncheon - sparked fresh unrest a year ago.

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