Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Ontario PC government pauses Liberal laws including ticket resale price caps

Ontario PC government pauses Liberal laws including ticket resale price caps

Michael Berends, managing director at Toronto-based cap-and-trade advisers ClearBlue Markets, said the pace of the government's move leaves many unanswered questions.

The Minister of Ontario Doug Ford said that his government will formally begin to curtail all the "green" program, which is funded by the sale of the government's quota, limiting harmful emissions.

"People need the details on exactly when this is going to be wound down and if there are any programs that are going to persist, we also need to know what those are, because otherwise the manufacturers are going maybe on a rollercoaster ride", he said. "I promised that the party with taxpayers' dollars was over and that this would include scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon tax slush fund".

"Every cent from the cap-and-trade slush fund is money that has been taken out of the pockets of Ontario families and businesses", Ford said in a written statement, adding he was fulfilling his election promise to scrap the Liberals' "cash grab" created to fund "big government programs" that "do nothing for the environment".

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In an official statement by the Government of Ontario this morning, Premier Doug Ford announced that he plans to go through with the initial promises that he made during his campaign to "put money back in people's pockets".

But Ford said businesses will benefit financially from no longer having to buy carbon credits, and Ontario will challenge Trudeau in court.

"The previous government attempted to institute a cap on ticket resales with no way to enforce that cap, resulting in less consumer protection", Ford spokesperson Simon Jeffries said in an email statement to the CBC.

Ford cited a 2016 report by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk which concluded that despite its $8-billion price tag from 2017 to 2020, Wynne's cap-and-trade scheme would not significantly lower Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions. A spokesman for Ford said the ministers' offices are not now staffed and requests for comment should go to the premier's office.

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