Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
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Russian Federation helped Trump on 2016 elections - the US Senate Committee

Russian Federation helped Trump on 2016 elections - the US Senate Committee

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday released initial findings from its review of a US intelligence community assessment produced past year that backed its conclusion that the Russian government sought to help Donald Trump win the White House.

"After 16 months of reviewing the intelligence that went into this report, we have found that the [intelligence community's] finding - that Russian Federation interfered in the election to help Trump and to hurt Clinton - is well-supported", Warner said Tuesday on Twitter. "The Russian effort was extensive and sophisticated, and its goals were to undermine public faith in the democratic process, to hurt Secretary Clinton and to help Donald Trump", Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., said in a statement.

According to public records and congressional officials, the Senate Intelligence Committee report is the latest of four election-related inquiries on which the panel's Republicans and Democrats continue to cooperate.

Russian interference in the 2016 election was created to cause Democrat Hillary Clinton (above) to lose.

Since the election, Trump has denied there was Russian influence in the election, despite the intelligence community's findings. But House panel Republicans, in a report on April 27, did say that Russian Federation ran an information warfare campaign to disrupt the election.

Bolton said in a follow-on statement Sunday after his own trip to Moscow: 'What president Putin said to me, through the translator of course, that he said there was no meddling in the 2016 election by the Russian state.

Also recall that the United States continues the investigation of the independent counsel Muller on the circumstances of the Russian intervention in the political process in the United States, in which check and the possibility of coordination between the government and the electoral headquarters of the trump in the election of 2016. Trump tweeted, then questioned whether law enforcement had adequately investigated the issue.

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The Senate panel's overall investigation into Russian election meddling is also still ongoing, with interim reports like this one released on a rolling basis. The document, which was compiled by a British ex-spy, did not inform the intelligence community's assessment "in any way", the Senate committee found.

"Further details have come to light that bolster the assessment", the report said.

The Senate report also said there were no signs that President Barack Obama's administration improperly tried to interfere with intelligence agencies' analysis.

'In all the interviews of those who drafted and prepared the ICA (intelligence community assessment), the committee heard consistently that analysts were under no politically motivated pressure to reach any conclusions, ' the committee said.

All in all, the Senate panel's report was a unflinching contradiction of numerous core claims made by Trump allies in the House.

Information for this article was contributed by Chris Megerian of the Los Angeles Times; by Deb Riechmann of The Associated Press; and by Steven T. Dennis and Billy House of Bloomberg News. Democrats rejected its March report on Russia's activities.

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