Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Families Belong Together rally in Chicago

Families Belong Together rally in Chicago

In the next one, Trump went into literal "get off my lawn" mode.

Starting with the historic Women's March, which took place the day after President Donald Trump's Inauguration, dissenting demonstrations have become an important way for the American public to vocalize the outrage and frustration they feel concerning the actions of the current White House administration.

"We appreciate that these individuals have expressed an interest in and concern with the critical issue of securing our nation's borders and enforcing our immigration laws", Houlton said. "Country being forced to endure a long and costly trial", he tweeted. He says when people enter the country illegally, they should be told "OUT", and forced to leave, "just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn".

Trump also repeated a claim that the USA has hired or plans to hire "thousands of "judges" to handle the task of arbitrating.

These "zero tolerance" immigration policies have led to a political backlash from left-wing politicians and immigrant rights groups and advocates, sparking numerous protests such as the "Families Belong Together" rally. Immigration rights advocates say forcing parents to choose immediately between leaving the country with or without their children means they are effectively prevented from asking for asylum.

More than 700 planned marches were expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people across the US, from immigrant-friendly cities such as Los Angeles and NY to conservative Appalachia and Wyoming under the banner Families Belong Together, according to The Associated Press.

There are practical ways of resolving the administration's family-detention dilemma. This effectively restores catch and release.

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"It's not appropriate at all" if asylum-seekers are given this form, McKinney added.

Families that come through ports of entry can enter legally, then seek asylum without arrest; but others choose to get into the USA any way they can, then they ask for asylum. Usually, the agency places children with a US relative or foster family while their immigration cases are decided.

In a June 26 decision, U.S. Judge Dana Sabraw of the Southern District of California ruled that the government must reunify the separated parents from their children, but made no stipulation that parents must be allowed to remain in the U.S. with their children while they wait for a judge to hear their asylum claim - a process that can take years. The White House's aversion to ankle monitors isn't hard to understand - the administration has signaled that it believes treating migrants cruelly is an effective means of deterring future migrants.

Scratch deeply and most Americans have proud immigrant blood in their family trees.

"It is un-American to shut our doors on those seeking refuge in the United States". In fact, expedited removals - which is to say, removal orders issued to individuals who have been ordered to leave the US previously - account for the vast majority of deportations.

The separation of immigrant children from their parents especially received national attention a month ago following reports of more than 1,500 immigrant children being misplaced by the U.S. Government. And it's unlikely that there are 50 votes in the U.S. Senate for repealing that law and breaking the relevant treaties - let alone, the 60 necessary for passage.

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