Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
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European Union plan for internet chaos delayed … for now

European Union plan for internet chaos delayed … for now

Article 13 effectively makes parody and satire illegal, which includes memes, through forcing content creators to use a government-monitored filter that would automatically block anything it considers a violation of a pre-existing copyrighted content.

It comes despite artists including McCartney and opera signer Placido Domingo signing an open letter calling for politicians to back the change ahead of the vote.

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But critics warn the reform will lead to blanket censorship by tech platforms that have become an online hub for creativity, especially Youtube.

Wikipedia went down in at least three countries on Wednesday in protest aagainst the European Parliament vote. Earlier this week, Italian, Spanish, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, French, and Portuguese versions of Wikipedia blocked users from accessing pages on their sites in order to raise awareness about the copyright directive and to encourage users to contact their representatives.

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Restrictive filters and threats to online freedom will not solve any problems according to Wikipedia.

Centre-right German MEP Alex Voss had drafted a text which was approved last month by a 14-9 majority in the parliament's legal affairs committee.

Members of European Parliament meeting in the eastern French city of Strasbourg voted 318 against the measure, 278 in favour, with 31 abstentions. "While fully respecting the decision of the European Parliament, I am proud to have stood on the side of Maltese artistes and creators". She said that lawmakers will be able to make adjustments and another vote will be held between September 10 - 13.

However, lawmakers on Thursday voted against opening talks with European Union countries based on the committee's recommendation and parliament will now have to revise the proposal for a vote in September before starting talks with European Union countries that have already adopted their own position.

Facebook said: "We hope that the debate going forward will focus on the original mission of protecting copyright and ensuring a vibrant marketplace for content creation". "We can not stop the public pressure now".

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