Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Airplane 'love story' takes off on Twitter with Texas residents

In what has become the latest viral love story, followed on Twitter via #PlaneBae or #HunkyPlaneGuy, an actress named Rosey Blair asked a woman to swap seats so that she could sit next to her boyfriend.

The two people talked for the entire flight, exchanged contact information and even mysteriously took trips to the restroom at the same time.

If there were any skeptics still unconvinced that love was in the air (plane), Blair kept the updates coming - and they did not disappoint.


It all started with Rosey Blair was flying from NY to Texas earlier this week and asked a woman to switch seats so Rosey could sit next to her boyfriend.

Ms Blair also noted that both were personal trainers and vegetarians, and neither of them wore a wedding ring. Needless to say, Rosey and her boyfriend were thrilled. She received multiple messages from people reacting to the story and even gained some attention from celebrities who saw the thread.

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"She went into the bathroom with her ponytail up and came back with her hair down".

Luckily for everyone, Rosey live-tweeted the whole fabulous encounter, so, get yourself comfortable, maybe grab a glass of wine, and prepare yourself for the love story of the century. Being the health buffs they were, the pair chose to share a cheese protein board and were soon after sharing family photos.

As the flight continued they got more comfortable with each other.

They then hit another milestone in their relationship by following each other on social media. After some internet sleuthing, Rosey's boyfriend - a top class stalker by the sound of it - found the pair's Instagram accounts, and discovered that they were both single and both based in Dallas, Texas. Rosey said in one of the video updates.

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