Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Xfinity Mobile customers to be limited to 480p streaming, 600Kbps hotspot

Xfinity Mobile customers to be limited to 480p streaming, 600Kbps hotspot

Instead of your regular 4G hotspot speeds, Comcast is throttling these to a measly 600Kbps. This can help you save money if you pay By the Gig and take longer to reach the 20 GB threshold if you have the Unlimited data option.

According to a statement issued by Comcast, users - even those on the unlimited plan - will start seeing video streaming quality drop from 720p to 480p over cellular data.

The Unlimited plan charges $45 per line per month.

Later this year, 720p video over cellular data will be available as a fee-based option with your service. In the meantime, a spokesperson for Xfinity Mobile told Digital Trends that customers who wish to continue streaming at 720p can contact the carrier directly to have service re-established until the new plan is announced later in the year.

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A Comcast Xfinity internet service van. Video chat could be one particularly notable area that could suffer from this sort of throttling-without a high-quality connection and video stream, video chat services can be frustrating to use.

For Unlimited customers: hotspot data will be limited to 600kbps and all cellular usage will be subject to limits of 1.5Mbps download/750kbps upload beyond 20GB used in a cycle. This will be allowed "on an interim basis at no charge", Ars Technica reports. Though the resolution cap doesn't apply when a subscriber is connected to WiFi, it greatly reduces the quality when a video is watched over the 4G LTE network, bringing it down to "dvd" quality.

Comcast suggests that this change is created to ensure lower pricing point and to help its subscribers conserve data. Alternatively, you can speak with your wallet and take your service to another carrier that does allow HD streaming over its mobile network. Second, we're setting personal hotspotting at 3G speeds for all Unlimited customers, which will allow customers to continue to do numerous things they enjoy doing online. "I hate how it sounds like they're doing us a favor like oh we're doing this to help conserve data or save you money", writes Csdang.

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