Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Drone in Superman garb crashes into French nuclear plant

Drone in Superman garb crashes into French nuclear plant

Early Tuesday, a drone decked out with a Superman cape and operated by Greenpeace activists crashed into "the wall of the spent fuel storage pool building" at a French nuclear energy plant near the town of Bugey.

The group said the stunt was to highlight the lack of security around the facility, adding that "at no time was the drone intercepted or even anxious about".

In the post, Greenpeace said its activists were able to fly the drone into the nuclear site without any resistance.

State-controlled EDF, which manages the plant, said that two drones had flown over the facility.

These pools can hold the equivalent of several reactor cores, stored in concrete pools outside the highly reinforced reactor building.

Greenpeace says the spent-fuel buildings have not been created to withstand outside attacks and are the most vulnerable part of French nuclear plants.

" This activity once more highlights the severe susceptability of this kind of structures, which include the highest possible quantity of radioactivity in nuclear plants", Greenpeace stated, inning accordance with Reuters.

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"After entering the zone, forbidden for flights, our activists voluntarily threw it against the wall of the pool building for spent fuel..."

The EDF said two drones were intercepted by French police and that their presence "had no impact on the security of the installations".

In October past year, Greenpeace activists breached security and launched fireworks over EDF's Cattenom nuclear plant.

Greenpeace's security breaches have sparked a parliament investigation into nuclear security, which is due to present its report on Thursday.

This action comes after the intrusions of Greenpeace activists in the Cattenom (Moselle) power stations in October and Cruas (Ardèche) in November, which had the same objective of reporting flaws in the safety of the fuel pools.

The group was also fined €50,000 ($58,300) by a French court in February in order to pay damages to EDF.

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