Published: Wed, July 04, 2018
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Love Island fans fuming after World Cup delays broadcast

Love Island fans fuming after World Cup delays broadcast

"Love Island" continues on 3e tonight.

'As soon as it came up, I was like "that's me isn't it?"

Dani Dyer was devastated when she watched a clip of boyfriend Jack Fincham, who is now living separately from her as part of the show, reacting to Ellie Jones entering the show.

Hunky Jack was sent to another villa called Casa Amor with the lads and show chiefs dropped in six new girls to try to tempt them, including his former girlfriend Ellie Jones.

What it did not show was evidence of Fincham's growing loyalty to his new partner, who is the daughter of Eastenders actor Danny Dyer. Others suggested that Jack's friends should try to sabotage him while he is still on the show, with one joking: "If Jack's mates aren't building a shrine to Danny Dyer in his room as we watch this are they even his mates?!" It's like I'm not allowed to be happy.

Jack and Dani got together in the first stages of the hit series, and have since delighted viewers with their blossoming romance.

Viewers criticised Love Island producers on social media, saying they are manipulating Dani's wellbeing for the sake of ratings.

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Love Island fan Debbie Ekins, from Glasgow, said she felt "horrible" when Dani burst into tears and questioned her own happiness.

Dani said: "It always happens to me". Why not show the many others of Jack pining for his GIRLFRIEND.

Concerns over having to stay up later were also discussed by many, one person saying "I know staying up to watch Love Island after the football was a bad idea but I had to check on Georgia!"

"If she saw that I doubt the confusion and sadness would've hit her the way that it did".

This prompted Dani to rub his arm and give him a cuddle as she quizzed: "Why are you taking it so personally?" Considering it was Jack's genuine reaction to seeing Ellie, it's hard to understand what the producers have supposedly manipulated.

How much you want to bet Danny Dyer magically appears on the episode? "And in a year when the mental health of Love Island contestants is being discussed more than ever I think it was a completely unnecessary play on a young girl's emotions".

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