Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Student Invents a 'Mobile Airbag' That Deploys When a Device is Dropped

Student Invents a 'Mobile Airbag' That Deploys When a Device is Dropped

The German society for Mechatronics invited students from various universities to submit their theses and then awarded those with outstanding work.

However, these cases often come with a price: They add significant bulk to devices that are typically carried around in pockets all day. It's the creation of a German engineering student named Philip Frenzel, from Aalen University. Frenzel then started looking for developing a system to prevent dropped phones from breaking.

Frenzel has created a smartphone case that comes with built in springs that more or less replicates what airbags can do.

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The case has four metal prongs that are deployed when the phone is in free fall, there are sensors that can detect the free fall of the phone and the information is used to deploy the metal prongs when the free fall is detected.

When they are released they pop out and curl up, protecting the edges of the phone from impact and softening the blow of a fall. More specifically, the case has springs on all four corners, with eight metal curls that will stop the phone from hitting the ground. As per the video, the AD Case adds minimal weight to a phone while offering significant protection against drop-shock. The student came up with a phone case which he called "active damping" case (Adcase) which has spring horns that sprout when the phone is dropped so that the phone lands with a jaunty bounce.

Frenzel's AD Case design awarded him first place in Germany's Mechatronics Prize for 2018 and, while the case is yet to hit production, he will be starting a Kickstarter campaign in July to help fund the launch of his product.

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