Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Woman Discovers 50-Lb. Weight Gain Is Actually a Massive Ovarian Cyst

Woman Discovers 50-Lb. Weight Gain Is Actually a Massive Ovarian Cyst

She had been struggling with pain and unexplainable weight gain for months. At the time too, the patient gained 10 pounds per week over a span of two months before she made a decision to consult a gynecologist and got her condition diagnosed.

Kayla Rahn said she tried for a year to lose weight, but only ended up gaining more.

"I couldn't even walk to my vehicle without losing my breath", she told the news outlet.

After Rahn had complained of stomach pains for months, her mum took her to the emergency room in May, where she told doctors that the pain was so severe it made walking to the vehicle hard.

Rahn has an incision stretching from her chest to her pelvis, but said she is otherwise on the mend - and regaining self-confidence, wearing clothes she hadn't been able to fit into for some time. We went to dinner and someone asked me if I was having twins. "It was frustrating and rough", Rahn said.

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Her mother took her to the emergency room at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Ala., where doctors quickly discovered what had been causing her so much pain.

"I used to tell them I was going to name it Taco Bell", the 30-year-old told The Washington Post about the jokes she used to make in response to all the awkward pregnancy questions. "I knew something was wrong", Rahn described to WSFA. In May, the Alabama woman finally learned why - and got some relief when doctors removed a massive 50-pound cyst from her ovary.

Dr. Gregory Jones, an OB-GYN at Jackson Hospital who was in the operating room, said the tumor, an instance of mucinous cystadenoma, was benign. While it's not an entirely new sight for him, he admits that the size surprised the medical team.

Rahn was kept in the intensive care unit for a couple of days as her organs, which had been crammed inside her abdomen, started to move back into place, Jones said.

In February, a 24-person team removed a 132-pound mucinous cyst from a CT woman's left ovary after she'd gained 10 pounds every week for two months, Fox 61 reported. "We are very excited things went well for her", Dr. Jones said. She also said that she feels that a huge burden was lifted off of her. "This dress, actually I haven't been able to wear in a year", Rahn said.

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