Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
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Stephen Hawking's memorable quotes: 'We are just an advanced breed of monkeys'

Stephen Hawking's memorable quotes: 'We are just an advanced breed of monkeys'

Stephen Hawking is an advocate of searching for other habitable planets in order to survive the human race and in 2007 he took a zero-gravity flight to experience the weightlessness. Working with physicist Roger Penrose, "he showed that Einstein's general theory of relativity implied space and time would have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes", according to Hawking's website.

Fellow scientists praised Hawking for his contribution to physics. Hawking had to spend his entire adult life paralyzed in a wheelchair. Things get worse from there as the disease destroys more cells and degrades motor neurons, eventually affecting a person's ability to speak, eat, swallow, breathe, and eventually, live.

But news of his death exploded like a supernova in the world of cosmology - where, despite his disability, Prof Hawking had stood like a colossus.

Hawking's children - Lucy, Tim, and Robert, said in a public statement: "We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today".

Eddie Redmayne played Professor Hawking in the film The Theory Of Everything, winning an Oscar for the role, portraying the scientist as a young man.

World leaders were among those to express their condolences, with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeting, "His grit and tenacity inspired people all over the world". He one said, 'It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.' We will miss him forever.

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Although he contributed through his work on cosmology, Stephen Hawking's opinions about possibility of alien life also gained a lot of attention.

As a result of this research, Hawking proposed a model of the universe based on two concepts of time: "real time", which he said was time as humans experience it, and "imaginary time", on which he said the world may actually run.

Hawking was diagnosed with ALS in 1963 when he was just 21. That was said to be where the big bang originated creating our universe. "I think my greatest achievement will be my discovery that black holes are not entirely black".

Redmayne said in a statement: "We have lost a truly lovely mind, an astonishing scientist and the funniest man I have ever had the pleasure to meet".

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, then the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, added that he was "proud" that the "world's best-known scientist" was a Cambridge colleague. He lived with the degenerative disorder for more than 50 years, stunning doctors. The tome went on to sell more than 10 million copies. "#StephenHawking is free from the physical constraints of this earthly condition we all exist in and he is soaring above us now marveling at it all." - actress Mayim Bialik, who appeared with Hawking on the USA television show "The Big Bang Theory", on Twitter. "He predicted that black holes would not be completely black, but would radiate in a characteristic way".

Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking lived for decades with the prospect of death hanging over his head, but unlike the rest of us, he never anxious about what's next.

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