Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

European Union tells May to produce 'realistic' Brexit proposals

European Union tells May to produce 'realistic' Brexit proposals

European Council president Donald Tusk said "quick progress" was needed in order to reach a deal by October.

Speaking shortly after 5am in Brussels, May acknowledged there had been "lengthy discussions" on the EU's approach.

Mrs May has now left the EU Summit earlier than the other 27 leaders so they can discuss Brexit and other issues relating to the EU's future plans. Britain is also hoping to negotiate access to Prüm, the new EU-wide DNA database.

She urged EU leaders to change the mandate given to their negotiators in order to allow United Kingdom involvement in key law enforcement initiatives including the Prum mechanism for sharing DNA profiles and other data, the Second Generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) database of "real-time" alerts about individuals interest to EU law enforcement and the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS). The U.K. aims to retain a form of associate membership in bodies including the police agency Europol and the European Criminal Records Information System. Mrs May last night said the stance would make it impossible to continue co-operation on security at the existing level, potentially putting lives at risk.

The BMA will "oppose Brexit as a whole" following a vote at today's Annual Representative Meeting.

May's Conservative administration is divided about how close a relationship to seek with the European Union after Brexit.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he was anxious by the lack of progress.

"It is really important to be clear on the process", Ms Wright said.

"There are things we just can not compromise on, the four freedoms and the single market have to go together".

Yahoo revealed how just 5% of the draft Withdrawal Agreement was completed between this European Council summit and the last in March.

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The Prime Minister is "more a hostage than a leader" as a result of the competing factions in the Conservative Party.

We are ready to intensify and accelerate the pace of negotiations.

Dr Chandra Kanneganti, BMA GP Committee policy lead for the GP Forward View, said: 'We oppose what's happening and we want a good deal to be part of the European Union because we appreciate the enormous contribution of the European healthcare workforce, who work in the NHS everyday.

With only nine months before Britain leaves the EU, May is under increasing pressure in Brussels not only to come up with ways to settle a divorce agreement, including a proposal for a new border on the island of Ireland, but also to detail her vision for future ties once outside the bloc.

EU officials are impatient to hear detailed proposals from Britain for how that can be achieved, given May's insistence that Britain will leave the EU's customs union.

"I don't want to talk in apocalyptic terms", said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

"Then the people must make the final decision because only they have the right to decide what version of Brexit they want or whether in the light of all they now know they prefer to remain".

The report was meanwhile published two days after the EU's European Banking Authority (EBA) watchdog warned that financial firms "must speed up" contingency plans in case of a hard Brexit.

Mr Tusk had pushed the idea of "regional disembarkation platforms" - facilities outside the European Union where migrants picked up by search and rescue missions would be assessed to decide whether they are refugees or risking the Mediterranean crossing for economic reasons.

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