Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump announces plans for Pentagon to create 'Space Force'

Trump announces plans for Pentagon to create 'Space Force'

President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the Pentagon to create a new US "Space Force", which would become the sixth branch of the American military but which requires Congressional approval to take effect.

This framing is much different than what's being offered up in the most recent House version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which would establish a "Space Corps" that operates as a unit in the Air Force.

President Trump at the recent US-North Korea summit.

The policy sets up new guidelines for satellite design and operation, as well as tracking the growing amount of clutter in space.

Trump previously floated the idea of a Space Force when addressing US Marines in March.

Saying that he does not want "China and other countries leading us", Trump said space was a national security issue. The new branch would be "separate but equal" from the Air Force, which now oversees all space related activity in the armed services.

Next, he moved on to the directive of the day, whose goal is to reduce encroaching space debris.

Americans trust more to Trudeau than Trump
The government's program also pledged to "protect the highest-quality products of Made in Italy". Trudeau has said little about the matter since a Trump Twitter assault.

"And we're actually thinking of a sixth, and that would be the Space Force". In a few moments, I will sign a new directive to federal departments and agencies. "They will work together with American industry to implement a state-of-the-art framework for space traffic management - but don't let [the regulations] get too out of control, please".

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is planning a series of lunar missions beginning next year aimed at developing the capacity for a return to the moon.

The council's executive secretary, Scott Pace, told reporters before the meeting that space is becoming increasingly congested and current guidelines are inadequate to address the challenge.

Trump envisioned a bright future for the US space program, pledging to revive the country's flagging efforts, return to the moon and eventually send a manned mission that would reach Mars.

"This time we will do more than plant our flag and leave our foot prints".

A mission to Mars will happen "very quickly", possibly because "rich guys" like rockets, the president said.

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