Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
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Black Manta's Suit Revealed in Aquaman First Look Photo

Black Manta's Suit Revealed in Aquaman First Look Photo

The new photo shows the actor looking inhumanly strong as he blocks a wall of water while aboard a submarine under attack by pirates. The image also gives fans new looks at Jason Momoa's studly superhero and Amber Heard's crimson haired Mera. And now, they dropped the first look of the Aquaman movie.

The new images reveal our first look at the characters Black Manta, King Orm/Ocean Master, Vulko, Mera, and Queen Atlanna.

And here's villainous mercenary of the high seas and "ruthless treasure hunter" David Kane, aka Black Manta, played byYahya Abdul-Mateen II, who will face off against the denizens of Atlantis.

Here's all you need to know about the film's trailer, release date, cast, plot and Black Manta, one of the movie's primary antagonists. We can only hope this photo release means a teaser trailer is on its way soon! Oddly enough, what's on display here appears to be far from diplomatic, as Orm's army is doing battle with another that serves King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren). That means that Warner Bros. gets to use up more of the oxygen and people will spend more time talking about WB titles since they won't be talking about smaller panels.

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Momoa sure looks like he might catch a awful cold with his dripping wet look on the EW cover.

Aquaman will land in theaters on December 21st. "He's authentically from two worlds, he's this real physical specimen, he's got this humour which he's never been allowed to play before - in every regard he is Aquaman", he said.

The article goes on to describe Black Manta in the words of director James Wan, who explains how insane he expects him to be.

Ultimately, he must take sides in a brewing conflict between the surface dwelling populace that poses a serious risk to his people and the world's oceans and the denizens of Atlantis, who urge him to take action and invade the Earth's surface in order to ensure their survival. But our main story is about Jason and Patrick'.

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