Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Shaquille O'Neal Warns Lebron James Against Chasing Championships

Shaquille O'Neal Warns Lebron James Against Chasing Championships

Shaquille O'Neal has some solid career advice for Lebron James and he's speaking from personal experience. In 25 years or so, will people lose their mind if James won a certain number of championships?

You can make the case that going after rings, namely with the hope that he'd beat the Warriors to get them, is a bad idea.

O'Neal said: "Somebody told me a long time ago - they said your book is already set [before the later stages of your career]".

I was talking with my Dad when we mentioned the possibility of how Golden State can get better this off season.

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While that quote may only be relevant for Thunder fans, much of the almost two-minute interaction with George focused on the idea of pairing up with The King in L.A. and if George wants to play with James. "So LeBron's book is already set", O'Neal said. If I was him, I wouldn't be trying to get four, five and six [rings] because it ain't going to matter. "So LeBron's book is already set", O'Neal said. He done already passed up legends; he done already made his mark - he has three rings. It's just something else to talk about, something else to add to the pages.

The 33-year-old was able to drag his hometown side to the NBA Finals where they faced the Golden State Warriors for the fourth straight year, but failed to make it a competitive series with the defending champions sweeping them last week.

None of that information adds up James taking his family to a place he doesn't like in spite of it being potentially the most lucrative basketball decision. You have three superstars on one team that actually play the right way.

No matter where LeBron elects to play next year, whatever that team looks like now likely won't be the finished product once training camps open in a few months.

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