Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Intelligence Report Says Trump 'Retreated' From North Korea Deal

Intelligence Report Says Trump 'Retreated' From North Korea Deal

Lawmakers, Trump allies discuss Russian Federation probe, migrant family separation Seth McFarlane: Fox News makes me "embarrassed" to work for this company 'Art of the Deal' co-author: Trump would act like Kim Jong Un if he had the same powers MORE on Sunday took aim at the media for its critical coverage of his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Winston Churchill despised communism and Josef Stalin. I made the trip.

Richard Nixon used to refuse to recognize what was once called Red China. "He's focused more on the optics than the policy, which is a trend we've seen throughout this presidency".

Leaders of free countries sometimes look around that world and make accommodations with power and reality, including despots.

Facing questions about his public embrace of Kim and the North Korean's autocratic leadership style - including what Trump said was a joke about the obedience of the autocratic Kim's advisers - the president said he was doing what is necessary for peace.

He told Greta Van Susteren on the Voice of America that the man he used to mock as "Little Rocket Man" has "a great personality".

The president added, "Holding back the "war games" during the negotiations was my request because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and set a bad light during a good faith negotiation". "Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience".

New York Attorney General sues Trump and Trump Foundation
Schneiderman "never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case, which lingered in their office for nearly 2 years", Trump wrote . The Trump Foundation also entered into at least five self-dealing transactions that were unlawful because they benefitted Mr.

Trump was optimistic following his meeting but the Israeli intelligence report says, "the USA retreated from its positions on several issues relating to North Korea's nuclear program".

"If you can do that at 27 years old, I mean that's one in 10,000 that could do that".

Kim is suspected of ordering the assassination of his half-brother in February and the execution of his uncle in 2013. I saved a lot of money, ' he said.

"He's the head of the country", Trump said of Kim during a live interview on Fox News' "Fox and Friends". He speaks and his people sit up at attention. "I want my people to do the same", he said.

When later asked by another reporter to expand on the remark, Trump said he was "kidding". "I think it's great to give him credibility". They also suggest Americans may not be familiar with key facts about the summit; according to Monmouth, for instance, less than half of those polled knew Trump had agreed to cease military exercises with South Korea in a major concession to Kim.

"Despite Trump's declarations about quick changes expected in North Korea's policy, the way to substantive change - if that ever comes - is still long and slow", the report warned.

But the president has fawned so much about Kim since their meeting, you might wonder if he is simply flattering a man with nuclear missiles or exalting the kind of leader he truly admires?

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