Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Giuliani: Trump may issue pardons after Russia probe

Giuliani: Trump may issue pardons after Russia probe

The White House immediately seized upon that aspect of the report, saying it "reaffirms the president's suspicions about Comey's conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation". Giuliani suggested Friday that presidential pardons could be given to people caught up in the Mueller investigation.

Giuliani said he would not be advising Trump on pardons, noting, "I shouldn't be involved in that process because I'm probably too rooted in his defense". That decision came after Mueller accused Manafort of witness tampering. Even though Mueller rejected his earlier request for written testimony from the president, Giuliani said he's still pushing for written questions and answers if Trump decides to speak with Mueller. Giuliani citing pardons issued by President Ford for those involved in Watergate, those issued by the first President Bush for those involved in Iran-Contra, by President Clinton in the Whitewater case, and others. "The president is not going to issue pardons in this investigation, and my advice to him as long as I am his lawyer is not to do it because you just cloud what is becoming now a very clear picture of an extremely unfair investigation with no criminality involved of any kind", Giuliani said.

Mueller has been investigating possible obstruction of justice as well as contacts between Trump campaign officials and a Russian effort to sway the 2016 presidential race in Trump's favor.

Giulini also denied that Trump was trying to send a message by suggesting pardons for those who could potentially testify against him.

Mr. Trump also took aim at Mr. Comey - who he fired in May 2017.

"I don't want to talk about that".

"I couldn't possibly justify troubling the president when he was working on peace with North Korea", Giuliani said, accusing the Mueller team of being "responsible for three months of delays".

He disputed on Sunday that his frequent television appearances and comments about the president's pardon powers are intended as a signal to Trump's allies who are under criminal investigation. "That is an impeachable offense". "But without potential charges hanging over his head, what would prevent him from lying?"

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Giuliani, who worked as a federal prosecutor for almost a decade, claimed he had seen no evidence to warrant locking up Manafort.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime attorney and self-styled "fixer", had dropped his legal team.

Referring to the Russian Federation investigation, Giuliani said "when it's over", Trump would retain his pardon power and could issue pardons as he sees fit.

"I did nothing wrong, there was no obstruction".

"We want the Mueller probe to be investigated the way the Trump investigation's been investigated, and we'd like to see a report with the conclusions", Giuliani said.

"I think the political ramifications would be tough".

However, Giuliani and others have frequently discussed the prospect of pardons with the media.

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