Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple is ending apps’ ability to secretly sell your contacts list

Apple is ending apps’ ability to secretly sell your contacts list

Apple has renewed the terms of the App Store and announced the following: it will not allow mining cryptos on iPhone and iPad.

Applications will still be able to collect this data, but they must prompt the user for consent and tell them exactly what they will do with the data.

The company said: 'Apple ignited the app revolution with the launch of the App Store in 2008. Those found in violation of the new rules could be banned from the App Store. And since there's no password autofill in third-party apps in iOS 11, you'd have to switch back and forth between your password manager and the app you want to log into for your login credentials.

Sharing of friends' data without their consent is what got Facebook into so much trouble when one of its outside developers gave information on millions of people to Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy. These apps will not be allowed to run in the background for mining purposes, as they affect device performance and battery life.

Figures from the USA giant show that British developers have made more than £2billion overall from sales since the App Store was launched in 2008.

"”In the United States and Canada, where the Sports feature is available, Apple TV App users will be able to keep track of all the action on FOX NOW in the U.S.; and TSN and RDS [in Canada]", the company said.

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According to the president of Appthority, an organization that advises the government as well as other corporates on mobile security, Domingo Guerra, Apple has a massive ecosystem that makes money through developers and their apps, and until developers improve their privacy standards, the tech giant is equally culpable for any lapses in data security. Best of all, if the app isn't able to resolve any of your issues, you can even schedule a fix appointment with an authorized service provider near you within the app.

Nevertheless, the new guidelines are more strict and pay attention towards user's privacy.

And while Apple may finally be doing something about it now, it can not do anything about the millions of data points it has already given away.

And if that's the case, Steam Link could be ready to hit the App Store any day now.

One of the users of iPhone 6S+ noticed his gadget in just a few minutes lost about 30 % charge.

In the U.S. and Canada, Apple will use its ‘TV app on Apple TV and iPhone/iPad to put the spotlight the World Cup 2018 that kicks off today.

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