Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Almost 2000 migrant children separated from their families at US-Mexico border

Almost 2000 migrant children separated from their families at US-Mexico border

Several Democratic lawmakers, including Senators Jeff Merkley of OR and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, are traveling to the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas on Sunday to meet with us border authorities and tour a former Walmart Inc. store that's been converted into a detention center for almost 1,500 immigrant boys.

"The Democrats are forcing the breakup of families at the Border with their frightful and cruel legislative agenda", Trump said on Twitter.

The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" border security approach has seen thousands of adults criminally prosecuted for illegally entering the U.S., meaning their children are separated from their guardians and classified as "unaccompanied minors". According to an extensive Washington Post fact check, it is largely a product of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which includes prosecutorial crackdowns on all undocumented adults, while existing policy requires that minors not be held in captivity.

HHS is tasked with caring for "unaccompanied alien children", which by law is any minor that arrives at the border without parents or relatives, or for whom loved ones were not "available to provide care and physical custody". But even where families are eventually reunited, there will be a psychological legacy, particularly with very young children for whom even a short period of separation is traumatic.

The Trump administration's decision to separate children from their families as a way to curb illegal immigration is adding fuel to an already fiery debate over immigration. But when it separates families at the border?

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Remes could not immediately be reached, but his family released a statement through the group Indivisible Tohono. In 2003, the tribe says a border patrol agent ran over and killed a teenager on the reservation.

As a result, families who crossed together illegally would in some cases be separated, he said.

But Brooks' suggestion is rooted in present-day evidence; in recent days, leaders of various religious organizations have made announcements in support of immigrant families. Dianne Feinstein, has dozens of Democratic co-sponsors, but no Republican support. "The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law", said White House adviser Stephen Miller in an interview published Saturday in The New York Times. "What is more unsafe to a minor, the 4,000 mile journey to America, or the short-term detention of their parents?"

Beyond politicians, pediatricians have also denounced the practice of tearing children away from their parents, saying it can disrupt brain development and harm long-term health. Several other legislators, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, visited a detention center Tuesday, later describing in a Facebook video the concerns of a mother he met who was about to be separated from her 7-year-old daughter.

So the Trump administration's policy, which it announced last month, is the fault of an imaginary law that Democrats, who are in the minority in both houses of Congress, passed at some imaginary point in the past and now refuse to change. "These stories are horrifying", Harder said.

"We will be seeing as we have been seeing there's going to be a shift in that they still may be children, but they were probably accompanied by their parents when they were first entering the USA", said Luis Aranga of Catholic Charities. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, one of the most vulnerable red-state Democrats up for re-election this year, said Sunday on Twitter that she would sign onto the bill this week and focus on the issue in her capacity as the top Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee.

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