Published: Sat, June 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Vigils mark year since fatal London tower fire

Vigils mark year since fatal London tower fire

At the foot of the now-shrouded high-rise on Thursday, a crowd of survivors, relatives of victims, members of the local community and representatives of the emergency services fell silent at midday for 72 seconds, one for each of those killed by the catastrophe.

Seventy-two people died in the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14, 2017.

Virtual reality is being used to reach traumatised families struggling a year after the Grenfell Tower fire in what is believed to be a United Kingdom first.

The London Eye, Downing Street and other buildings near to the site of the most deadly domestic blaze since World War 2 turned green in the early hours of today.

The fire, which broke out past year in the overnight hours in North Kensington, burned for about 24 hours.

"All the promises and work the local authority and Government said - we should all have been rehoused a long, long time ago, permanently rehoused".

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"I was just thinking about my wife during the minute's silence, to tell you the truth, hoping she's OK and I got a bit emotional. Fire is out and everybody is safe, but very concerned there were no alarms going off". "I used to know 10 people in the tower".

On Sunday, St Clement's dedicated a garden of remembrance on the north wall of the church, facing the tower.

Mr Lammy appealed for the quest for justice to be renewed, saying: "Justice, answers and the healing that follows from knowing never, ever, ever again can people die in a preventable fire, and all of those who live in the surrounding area can be so traumatised by the pain of what they saw that night and what they carry in their hearts now as a outcome". "They will never be forgotten". "It's been very positive to turn a really grotty space into something rather handsome for the community". Schools are being asked to share their activities and photos on social media, using the hashtag #GreenForGrenfellDay.

It said: "Love and sympathy to all at Grenfell".

"We're here to support the community", she added.

"The continued resilience and sense of spirit shown by the community at the heart of this tragedy is inspiring".

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