Published: Sat, June 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

USA invokes Bible to justify harsh immigration steps separating children from parents

USA invokes Bible to justify harsh immigration steps separating children from parents

He did not address the Justice Department's separating children from their parents if they are caught illegally crossing the Mexican border, or his partial justification of that policy on Thursday by quoting a Bible verse.

Sessions was responding to criticism from the archbishop of Galveston-Houston. "Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together", USCCB's president, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been criticised for citing Bible scripture to back up the Trump administration's immigration policy.

In justifying the unspeakable policy enforcement, AG Sessions, as seen in the video below, has cited a Bible verse in the Book of Romans, "God has ordained [laws] for the objective of order".

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at today's daily press briefing that enforcing the law is "very biblical".

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There are critics of the policy of separating children from parents among Christian supporters of the administration, including Franklin Graham, who told the Christian Broadcasting Network this week: "I think it's disgraceful, it's bad to see families ripped apart and I don't support that one bit".

At an event in Indiana, Mr Sessions was defending the practice of separating undocumented immigrant families apprehended at the border.

John Moore via Getty Images A 2-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained Tuesday near the border in McAllen, Texas.

The Trump administration policy is supported by some Republicans, but others have expressed misgivings. "Anyone with half an ounce of moral conviction knows that tearing children away from parents has nothing to do with love". "Sessions follows the pattern of history", he said. This new policy "is using cruelty as a deterrent", he said.

Federal public defenders say that immigration enforcement officials in the United States have repeatedly deceived immigrant parents arriving in the USA seeking shelter from violent conditions in their home country, telling those individuals that they are taking their children away for baths or other benign reasons only to never return with them. "For conservative Christians, this would especially be so when the law of the State seems to be attacking the biblical authority of the family". "After all, Jesus said, "Suffer the children to come unto me.' I'm pretty sure all Sessions saw were the words 'children" and 'suffer" and said, 'I'm on it!'"

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