Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

MP warns Russian women from sleeping with World Cup guests

"Many years from now these children will remember that their parents' love story began during the World Cup in Russian Federation in 2018".

Fireworks light up the sky above the Kremlin in Moscow on June 13, 2018, ahead of the Russian Federation 2018 World Cup football tournament.

Russia's head of parliament's committee for families Tamara Pletnyova said on Thursday that when Russian women marry foreigners, the relationships end badly and women are stranded overseas or in Russia but unable to get their children back.

She went further to say that she's received complaints from some Russian women who have moved out of the country after marrying foreigners and eventually lost custody of their children. "The more love stories connected with the soccer World Cup we have, the more people from different countries fall in love, the more that children are born, so much the better".

The World Cup hosted by Russian Federation could boost the number of young women falling pregnant, the top politician warned, adding: 'I hope they get something clear in their heads regarding foreigners. Pletnyova, who heads a parliamentary committee on children and families, also suggested that Russian women should marry local men and said that children born from mixed-race marriages are unhappy.

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Pletnyova said children of mixed races face discrimination and have been suffering since the Soviet era.

"We should be giving birth to our own children", she added, referencing unsubstantiated claims that Moscow hosting the Olympics in 1980 led to a generation of children being abandoned by their non-Russian fathers.

If all this sounds shocking to you, it really shouldn't be as Pletnyova is a lawmaker for the KPRF Communist Party that backs President Vladimir Putin's Kremlin on most key issues.

Pletnyova said she hoped Russian women would marry Russian citizens of any nationality or ethnicity and build strong and loving families here. They are the best women in whole world'. More than 2 million tickets have been sold. "I am not a nationalist, but nevertheless I know that children suffer".

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