Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

North Korea summit in Singapore

North Korea summit in Singapore

North Korea's Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump arrived in the tropical city-state on Sunday for the first ever face-to-face meeting by leaders of two countries that have been enemies since the 1950-1953 Korean War.

For more on the meeting in Singapore, we cross to Oliver Miocic in Seoul.

Similar scenes were seen on Sunday when Kim and Trump arrived in the city, and when Kim went to meet Lee. "We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!"

He thanked Singapore's organisation of the summit as if it was "their own family affair". Again accusing the longtime USA ally of unfair trade practices, Trump added: "Then Justin acts hurt when called out!" Trump left the summit early, and as he flew to Singapore, he tweeted that he was yanking the USA out of the group's traditional closing statement.

On the day before the meeting, weeks of preparation appeared to pick up in pace, with USA and North Korean officials meeting throughout Monday at a Singapore hotel.

The president planned to stop in Guam and Hawaii on his way back to Washington.

Trump spoke only briefly in public on Monday, forecasting a "nice" outcome.

Trump and Kim are staying in separate hotels in the famous Orchard Road area of Singapore, dotted with high-rise luxury apartment blocks, offices and glittering shopping malls.

Mr Trump, in his presidential state auto nicknamed The Beast, left the Shangri-La Hotel with his delegation at about 11.45am for the working lunch.

"Excitement in the air!" he wrote in a tweet.

According to accounts of the G-7 meeting, officials from other members of the bloc confronted Trump with a torrent of statistics about the importance of the USA -authored worldwide order and the merits of free trade. As it happens, the North Korean and the American share a tendency to act unpredictably on the world stage. Or, it could amount to little more than a much-photographed handshake.

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Although gaps remain over what denuclearisation would entail, Trump sounded a positive note in a lunch meeting with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

US and North Korean officials huddled throughout Monday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel ahead of the sit-down aimed at resolving a standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal.

Trump's early exit will be his second from a summit in just a few days.

Still, even as he turned his attention to the summit, Trump continued his blistering attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday, saying "Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal".

It's unclear what Trump and Kim might decide Tuesday.

He and Trump are set to meet Tuesday morning in the first summit of its kind between a leader of North Korea and a sitting US president.

Most observers predicted that the outcome would be a short and vague statement build around the ambiguous aim of the "denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula" leaving it to later bilateral meetings to negotiate what that would mean in practice.

"I can only say this", Pompeo said.

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the mouthpiece of the ruling Workers' Party, devoted its first two pages and 16 photos to Kim's trip, including images of him boarding an Air China Boeing 747 for the journey.

The North has faced crippling diplomatic and economic sanctions as it has advanced development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

North Korea's concept of denuclearization, made clear through years of failed discussions with the worldwide community, "bears no resemblance to the American definition", Evans J.R. Revere, a nonresident senior fellow at Brookings, wrote in a note.

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