Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Jaguar E-Pace updated with new engine, suspension and AI tech

Jaguar E-Pace updated with new engine, suspension and AI tech

Jaguar has added a new smaller petrol engine to its E-Pace line-up, as well as a host of other technologies.

We're positive that the E-Pace is India-bound, but we're not certain about when.

No longer the buyers' engine of choice, diesel is now (to a point unfairly) demonised, so Jaguar is delivering a new, entry-level petrol option to the E-Pace range. It emits 186g/km of CO2, with average fuel consumption of 34.4mpg.

Jaguar has updated its E-Pace SUV with a few additional features which include the self-learning Smart Settings technology, an Adaptive Dynamics suspension set-up and a new base 197bhp version of the 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol engine. The system recognises different drivers based on which key they used to unlock/start the vehicle and the Bluetooth signal from their phone, then adjusts various parameters to suit. For example, it will heat the steering wheel in colder weather without prompting if the driver has done this in the same conditions multiple times. Up to eight profiles can be set up on the Jaguar E-PACE, making it a worthwhile offering for fleets users and those who share their vehicle. The auto will then adjust the seat, climate and infotainment settings based on that driver's usual preference.

An intelligent phone function will automatically surface contacts around the time the driver usually calls them, too.

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Smart Settings is offered as part of the Connect Pro Pack, which also consists of a 4G wifi hotspot, Pro Services and Navigation Pro - which offers real-time traffic information, street view and parking availability.

All E-Pace engines are now equipped with a particulate filter for a further reduction in emissions.

The Jaguar E-PACE is available to order at United Kingdom retailers now priced from £28,500. It responds to the driver's input and road surface changes to provide better control and minimise body roll.

Besides the engine, the 2019 model year E-Pace will herald in the British automaker's new adaptive suspension which alters the required damper force every 10 milliseconds to help improve the vehicle's ride and handling. The filters are integrated into the after-treatment system and trap ultrafine particulates as the exhaust gases pass through.

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