Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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90s horror-comedy classic 'Arachnophobia' remake is in the works

90s horror-comedy classic 'Arachnophobia' remake is in the works

The Conjuring's James Wan is producing a new take on 1990 spider horror-comedy Arachnophobia. Wan, who is becoming an increasingly busy filmmaker between his Aquaman film and his other horror exploits, is unlikely to direct. We imagine that the remake is not expected in the immediate future given that James Wan is working on the post-production ofAquaman and on the production of two spin-off saga of Conjuring in which The Nun to be released in theatres next September. As of now the film does not have a director, actor or even writers. Wan is the director of Aquaman, now in post-production, and he is a highly sought-after artist. Arachnophobia (which means "fear of spiders") revolved around a newly-discovered type of Venezuelan spider that is transported to a small town in California and begins breeding, giving rise to a new species of giant killer spiders.

The original film was directed by Frank Marshall from a script written by Don Jakoby and Wesley Strick and starred Jeff Daniels, Julian Sands, Harley Jane Kozak, and John Goodman. Original's director Marshall will be exec producer.

Musk company to build Chicago-to-O'Hare express transport
The system will include 16-passenger vehicles called "skates" that will travel up to 150 mph (240 km per hour) through a tunnel. After Thursday's announcement, the city will begin one-on-one contract negotiations with The Boring Company.

I personally can't comment much on this news, as I've never seen the original film and there isn't much to go on.

Amblin just recently produced Ready Player One and next week's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Are you excited for the remake? While Atomic Monster is now in post production for their September release of The Nun. Because ghosts and the things we don't know are apparently scarier than the realities we face every day.

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