Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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The best photos from Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un

The best photos from Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un

The meeting was the first time a sitting U.S. president has met North Korea's leader.

The US president had an unusually light public schedule the day before the summit and holed up in his hotel the whole afternoon and evening - although he was tweeting very early on D-day and again on his way to the meeting.

U.S. President Donald Trump answers questions during a press conference following his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12, 2018 in Singapore.

But I hope it goes way beyond that. I thought it was interesting enough to show.

The almost five-minute movie even had its own Hollywood-style vanity logo: "A Destiny Pictures Production", though a film company by the same name in Los Angeles denied any involvement in making it, and the White House has not yet responded to questions about it.

Pompeo said the prepared to offer "unique" security guarantees to North Korea to ensure that eliminating its nuclear weapons won't end badly for Kim's regime.

The message was clear: Kim had a decision to make. "I said, I have something to say from North Korea".

"The past doesn't have to be the future", the narrator said.

In a moment that might have been unthinkable just months ago, Trump and Kim walked toward each other to shake hands.

But in the Trump film, the destruction rewound itself.

The historic first meeting between a sitting US president and and North Korea's leader will take place Tuesday at 9 a.m. when Trump and Kin will meet alone with only translators in the room.

Kim and Trump are presented as the central figures in the trailer, with the chance to remake the world and change history.

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The No. 28 pick could well play a role as well, and if McCaw or Looney return, they'll be expected to take on bigger roles next season.

"In what way?" Trump asked.

Kim's late father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il, was a Hollywood film buff, with a special affection for director Steven Spielberg and actress Elizabeth Taylor and an extensive video library to match, according to defectors and intelligence agencies.

Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, who served as a top USA negotiator with Pyongyang before the last attempt at diplomacy broke down in 2009, was more optimistic.

"I think he loved it", the president said. "No, I'm not concerned at all". They'll be announcing things over the next few days talking about other missile sites because they were, as you know, they were sending out a lot of missiles.

As for verification, Trump said he and Kim discussed the issue and that monitoring denuclearization efforts would be achieved "by having a lot of people there". At one point, Kim even told Trump that people would view the Singapore talks as something out of "a science fiction movie". "We didn't need it, because we had it on cassette, uh, an iPad".

"Yeah, he's de-nuking, I mean he's de-nuking the whole place. It's just not good".

A few other conservatives expressed dismay at seeing the U.S. and North Korean flags side-by-side, and viewed Mr Trump's solicitous manner and warm words for Mr Kim as too much, given his nation's history of human rights violations.

As written, the Agreed Framework, a more-than-950-word document, required far more North Korean concessions than Trump's 350-word document, including the admission of global inspectors and the freezing of reactors, experts said. "I told him, you may not want this".

"They have great beaches", he said.

This language certainly covers the underlying issues encompassed in North Korea's definition of hostile U.S. policy, but the lack of detail and the mirroring of past commitments is concerning. "I'm so happy", he said. The longtime property developer-turned-politician later mused about the potential value of condos on the country's beachfront real estate.

He emphasized, however, that the Trump administration is still working toward a final deal.

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