Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Robert De Niro drops F-bomb against Trump at the Tony Awards

De Niro, a staunch Trump opponent, had a bigger stage to lash out at: Sunday night's Tony Awards in New York City.

The 74-year-old actor introduced a performance by Bruce Springsteen, and took the opportunity to denounce Trump in NSFW language.

It doesn't happen to him often, but Springsteen's own appearance on the Tonys was almost overshadowed by that of his presenter, actor Robert De Niro, who unleashed an epithet toward President Trump that caused the CBS censors to quickly hit the bleep button (apparently it aired as is in some other countries) and set the social media world afire. "We all belong. So I dedicate this award to the countless LGBTQ people who have fought and died to protect that spirit, to protect that message for the right to live and love as we are created to". While CBS was quick to catch the swear for USA audiences, the word wasn't censored during the Australian broadcast.

"I'm gonna say one thing: F-- Trump!" he stated, as he clenched his two fists in the air, leaving panic-stricken broadcast censors trying bleep out the remarks.

"F**k Trump" he told the adoring audience.

After the audience settled, De Niro got back to talking about Springsteen, who received a special Tony Award during Sunday night.

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De Niro, speaking Monday in downtown Toronto where he's launching a major development alongside celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, called Trump's behaviour "a disgrace". Give the people what they want...always a crowd pleaser! #SpeakingTruthToPower #TuckFrump, ' he tweeted. It is how you remind the country that the most corrupt, racist and traitorous government in America's history is going down, hard, SOON.

De Niro's "Fuck Trump" reverberated all over social media via secondhand reports of what he said.

'Ah, the tolerant Left.

"I can't believe De Niro did that", Kushner said.

"This guy just is a jerk", he said. So all the Socialist, Communist, Leftie supporters...,' Kevin Sorbo also slammed the actor.

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