Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Markets | By Otis Pena

Christian Louboutin Claims Victory in Legal Dispute Over Signature Red Soles

Christian Louboutin Claims Victory in Legal Dispute Over Signature Red Soles

In December, Louboutin was awarded nearly 10 lakh rupees ($156,078) in damages and a permanent injunction against two shoe dealers - Kamal Family Footwear and Adra Steps - for infringing on his red-sole trademark in India.

The court said that it did not matter that its shoes were different in shape.

The Dutch company took the case to the EU court citing European regulations that shapes by themselves can not be registered as trademarks.

The decision is totally at odds with the advice from a court aide, who said Louboutin's red soles could potentially be affected by the prohibition.

"The commercial impact is that brands that have invested heavily in branding and product positioning based on distinctive trademarks should be able to protect their brands against competitors seeking to gain an unfair advantage", he said.

The European Court of Justice today handed down a favorable ruling for the luxury label, supporting its claim that a specific shade of red on the soles of its shoes qualifies as a distinct and recognizable characteristic of the brand.

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French luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin won a lengthy European Union legal battle over trademarking his signature red-soled high-heeled shoes, the court and the company said on Tuesday.

The ruling strengthens Maison Christian Louboutin's trademark protection, the French company said in a statement.

Louboutin's iconic red sole design was first designed in 1993 using an assistant's nail polish.

"This case will now be referred back to The Hague Court, which is expected to confirm the validity of the red sole trademark", it added.

The French company said the shoes infringed the Louboutin trade mark and was granted a temporary injunction against the Dutch high street staple.

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